Simplify Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Using my business management background and health coaching certification, I've created a service for you that will simplify both your business and your life. This is a highly personalized service I have never seen before, where I use my coaching skills to adapt any system or business strategy to your personality and entrepreneurial style.

Kristelle Boulos, wedding photographer in Miami, was so kind to share her feedback on working with me:

Here's what clients are saying:

Sam Foster, a musician from Texas and founder of
We meet every week to discuss his business priorities. While I take over most linear tasks and make sure we stay aligned with his bigger goals, Sam has the space (and peace of mind) to make music and create new materials.

"Having ideas is easy, but minimizing and executing is the hard part. While running an online business, there’s an infinite amount of directions and tasks. Maya’s focus and compassion help me realign to what’s important rather than getting lost or paralyzed."

Kristelle Boulos, a wedding photographer in Miami
I’m responsible for her Honeybook (client system) and Quickbooks (accountancy), so Kristelle can focus on her passion for photography. She’s an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus, so whenever she has a new business idea, I help her go from idea to implementation in the most practical way.

"I no longer feel overwhelmed or stressed trying to catch up. Instead, I'm well ahead of schedule. As a business owner, it's easy to procrastinate, but Maya won't let you slack off. She's supportive and determined to help you succeed. She not only assists with tasks but also contributes to the strategic aspects of my business. We brainstorm ideas together, and she serves as a sounding board. Maya's ability to offer valuable insights and ideas is priceless."

Ida Jansby

Ida Jansby from Norway, yoga teacher and blogger at Bipolar Self-Love (link to blog coming soon!)
Ida has been my health coaching client for the past two years. Apart from checking in with her health and business goals, we now shifted to more business support as I'm creating her blog website and setting up her online business.

"Maya is very supportive, with a true wish to help you see the best in whatever project you have going, be it health or business. She has helped me get a better understanding of both, and the valuable point where those two cross; how to follow an ambition and at the same time take care of myself. Her feedback is done in a very kind and constructive way. I really enjoy working with Maya."

You stay in your zone of genius.

I do the rest.

Whether you're seeking clarity, efficiency, well-being, or ongoing support, I'm here to make your entrepreneurial path smoother and more fulfilling.

My 360 approach allows you to do what you love in your business in a balanced and calm way, while I take care of your operations and systems.

Let me be your left-brained sidekick!

I need this!

Pick Your Service

Virtual Assistant Business Audit

247 USD

  • 360 Business Evaluation: Gain fresh perspectives as I examine your website, emails, social presence, and more, identifying opportunities to declutter, simplify, and streamline.
  • 1-on-1 Feedback Call: Receive personalized feedback where we flesh out your client journey and your business organization.
  • Balanced Impact: Maintaining life balance as an online entrepreneur is hard. Apart from business feedback, we'll touch on lifestyle topics to nurture both your creativity and well-being.
  • Recording Included: Our Feedback Call will be recorded so you can be fully present as we personalize all insights and recommendations to your personality and entrepreneurial style.
  • Ongoing Business Support: Once we're clear on the next action steps, let me take the operational tasks off of your plate as your Sidekick in my Ongoing Business Support Services!
Functional Medicine Brussels

130 USD

  • Busy Life Breakdown Self-Assessment: Take stock of all the clutter and stressors in your life in the self-assessment worksheet.
  • 1-on-1 Decluttering Session: Together, we will create a game plan to declutter the stressful areas in your life and create life balance step by step so you can avoid burnout and feel more at peace.
  • 3-Month Game Plan: After this call, you will receive your 3-month game plan for a calm balanced life.
  • Recording Included: Our Decluttering Session will be recorded so you can be fully present during this coaching session.
Virtual Assistant Honeybook

Pick one (or several) from the menu!

  • Honeybook Setup: 750 USD
  • Quickbooks Setup: 490 USD
  • Honeybook + Quickbooks Combo: 1,000 USD
  • Basic website from scratch: 700 USD
  • Website Update & Tweaking: 60 USD per hour
  • Freebie & Funnel Setup: 450 USD
  • Email Marketing Setup: 550 USD

DM me for more info, tailored pricing, and other project options!

Virtual Assistant Creative Entrepreneurs

500 USD / month

  • A Long-Term Left-Brained Sidekick. You don't have to build your business by yourself. I'm with you every step of the way.
  • Clarity Meetings: Monthly meetings where we break down your business goals into actionable steps, discuss the tasks I'm taking off of your plate, and check in with your overall life balance.
  • Monthly retainer of a minimum of 10 hours per month invoiced at the beginning of every month. When you're about to pass that retainer, I will let you know and invoice the remaining balance at the end of the month.
  • 30% Discounts On Projects! If you want me to set up a bigger project (like websites or CRM tools), you get a 30% discount on my regular fees (see above). I like rewarding my long-term clients so I can be your biggest support every step of the way!

You stay in your zone of genius.
I do the rest.

There is no better time than today to bring more efficiency to your business and create space so you can focus on creation mode and client work!

Are you outsourcing the tasks that drain you?
What systems do you have in place to create structure?

Let's start with a Bizz Audit, where I roll up my sleeves and go through everything I can find about your business—your website, email sequence, freebies, social media—everything. Together, we'll whip up more clarity and efficiency in your client journey, making sure your potential clients know exactly what they're in for.