Holistic Life & Business Support

As an entrepreneur, finding work-life balance has never been this hard. When your life feels like a mess, so does your business, and vice versa.

You're looking for efficiency and structure in your business, accompanied by a balanced lifestyle.

Using my management background and health coaching certification, I've created a service for you that will simplify both your business and your life. This is a highly personalized service I have never seen before, and yet, I have so many clients who come in for business support and end up needing lifestyle coaching, which makes this combo a logic next step for burned-out entrepreneurs.

Kristelle Boulos, wedding photographer in Miami, was so kind to share her feedback on working with me:

So, how does this work?

I Am Your Business Support ...

Business Efficiency

Increasing efficiency is my jam, but I won't impose my own systems on you. We'll find the right structures that works for your personal style so you feel like you've nailed the entrepreneurial world

General Administration

I'm an admin nerd and I'd love to take over your client communications, invoicing & accountancy, and I'll even help you hire the right people for your team

Strategic Brainstorming

Our own business ideas can feel like chaos to us and pure clarity to someone else. I'm here as your sounding board for your new ideas so we can map out a clear strategy together

Tech Support

Tech just comes easy to me. Let me help you set up and manage your CRM tools, email automation, online course creation, task management systems and lead magnets

... And Your Lifestyle Coach


Transform your stress and perfectionism so you can feel more calm, confident, and motivated to bring your best self to your business

Daily Routines

When your home is your office, one of the first pillars we need to work on are your daily routines so you can set clear boundaries and create life balance


Are you not sleeping enough, or waking up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts? Good quality sleep is foundational for increasing happiness AND success

Physical health

As an online entrepreneur, you're relying on your brain to get things done. But how about the way your body impacts your brain?


Being an entrepreneur can be quite a rollercoaster ride for your self-worth. Instead of fixing what's wrong, let's focus on your strengths so you can thrive

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You stay in your zone of genius.

I do the rest.

My 360 approach allows you to do what you love in your business while taking good care of your body. I want you to feel like you enjoy the tasks you take on in your business. You feel confident to outsource the rest. When you stop working, you feel satisfied and you're motivated to treat your body and your mind like a temple, recharging your energies in every way so you can bring your best self to your business again the next day. What do you say...?

This is what I need. Let's chat!

1. Project Based

Project based
  • Super Fast Delivery of a specific project over a period of 1-2 weeks. Example projects are: Setting up your CRM system (Dubsado or Honeybook) alongside Quickbooks, creating your Wix website, setting up your freebie funnel, and so much more.
  • Strategy Session to map out our game plan.
  • Feedback Session where we go over the first version of the project.
  • One revision included after our Feedback Session, so you get your project delivered exactly the way you imagined it.
  • Extra Support for an additional hourly cost, for example a second revision, copywriting, adding in an extra feature, or ongoing support to tweak and manage your project.

Starting at 950 USD

2. Ongoing Business Support

Ongoing business support
  • Outsource the tasks that drain you. Lucky for you, what's draining you actually energizes me! General administration, tech support, accountancy or CRM management, I'll be your long-term business partner.
  • Bounce off your business ideas. With my years of experience in general management and online entrepreneurship, I can be that external pair of eyes to help you have a more clear idea and a structured plan for your business.
  • Monthly retainer of a minimum of 10 hours per month invoiced at the beginning of every month. When you're about to pass that retainer, I will let you know and invoice the remaining balance at the end of the month.
  • 50% Discounts On Projects! If you want me to set up a bigger project (like websites or CRM tools), you get a 50% discount on my regular fees! I like rewarding my long-term clients so I can be your biggest support every step of the way.

Starting at 500 USD per month

3. Ongoing Business Support + Lifestyle Coaching

Ongoing business support and lifestyle coaching
  • Ongoing Business Support to set up efficient systems, manage your CRM, admin, accountancy, and take the tasks that drain you off of your plate
  • Bi-Weekly Lifestyle Coaching Sessions so you can create balance in your life and improve your health using the 5 Functional Medicine Coaching pillars (Stress, Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Relationships)
  • 50% Discounts On Projects! If you want me to set up a bigger project (like websites or CRM tools), you get a 50% discount on my regular fees! I like rewarding my long-term clients so I can be your biggest support every step of the way.

Starting at 800 USD per month

Happy Clients

"I hired Maya to help me with a broad variety of tasks in my business so I could focus on my core work. Although she's really good at many things she proved to be very excellent at setting up the technical backend of my business, designing templates and content strategy. Maya is more than a regular VA, she not only helps with operational tasks, but also helps think strategically. Lastly, she's a very fast learner and a quick worker. Highly, highly recommended!"

- Hannah Tönissen, founder of The Multipassionate (The Netherlands)

I was too busy for my own good and needed help clearing my mind and learning where to focus my energy. Maya helped me trim down the excess energy I was expending on trivial matters when it came to my mental health. She really helped me focus on what I found most important, and build on those values. I now feel that I’m finally able to get my mind off of work and truly relax in the evenings and on the weekend, even when I’m juggling between a million projects.”

- Kelson Honeycutt, Business Entrepreneur (United States)

"Maya is everything you've ever wanted in a business assistant and more. I hired her for a specific project of turning data into charts and graphs and I was impressed by the speed and quality of her work. She didn't just create the charts, she also took the time to suggest better ways to display the data -- and she was spot on! All in all, Maya is not just knowledgeable, she's also super friendly, dedicated, and great to work with. I've hired dozens of freelancers so far and Maya is by far one of the best. If you need business support, look no further. Or do look elsewhere if you must, so she'll have more time to work with me in the future :)"

- Adriana Tica, Digital Marketer & Trend Analyst (Romania)

Axel Funhoff

"Maya worked for Achilles Design as our Office Manager over the course of one year, and it was fun to work with her. She was a fast learner, very sociable, proactive, and highly appreciated by all colleagues. From accountancy to HR, she was able to take on a variety of tasks.”

- Axel Funhoff, CEO at Achilles Design (Belgium)

"I reached out to Maya in a moment of my life where I felt disoriented, lost in all my activities, and at the edge of my 30ies. I needed to find a new balance, take better care of myself, and simplify my work schedule. What I loved the most about Maya's method is that she gives very practical and easy-to-implement tips, which allow me to make a change and see the results right away. I set my priorities now and my schedule is much simpler. I feel more focused and energized, and I now manage to find time for everything that's important to me. Couldn't be happier"

- Marta, Remote sensing scientist and PhD candidate (Italy)

"Maya is everything you need in a virtual assistant: thinks a step ahead, responds quickly, knowledgeable, a joy to work with and resourceful. Maya helped me to create my website, flyers and social media, rectified tech issues and created landing pages. I cannot recommend her enough!"

- Juliet Malray, transformational coach and Circle leader (United States)

"Maya is very reliable, precise, and independent. She was the point of content between our clients, our providers, and our local and international staff. She understood at all times what had to be done and could prioritize very well. She was in good contact with our projects and clients. It has been a pleasure to work with Maya."

- Peru Volunteer, Volunteering & Tourism in Peru (Peru)

"I had some very techy and tricky automations I needed to do on my website and I decided to outsource it. Maya was nice, professional, and fast. She updated me on any progress and the end result was great. If you are looking for a great professional, Maya is the one!"

- Ana Hernandez, Life Coach (Spain)

... And More Happy Clients

You stay in your zone of genius.
I do the rest.

There is no better time than today to bring more efficiency to your business and learn to balance your personal life before you burn out. If you're an online entrepreneur, your home is your office and vice versa. You could literally be working the whole time.

What systems do you have in place to create structure?

What boundaries are you setting to decompress?

Let's have a free 30-minute clarity call where we will create a clear map of where you are right now, and how you can get where you want to be, one tiny step at a time.

I need this! Let's chat!