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I'm the founder of Healthy High Achievers: the best FREE online platform that's out there to create healthier routines and avoid burnout.

I help goal-driven people with scattered minds who feel scattered create structure in order to feel calmer and clear-headed.

Let’s re-organize your life in a way that’s structured, but also flexible enough, so you can tackle your priorities and still have energy at the end of the day to enjoy your evening. 

What do you say? Let’s do this!

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Is It Better To Plan Or Go With The Flow?

I Ditched My Weekly Planner And This Is What Happened ...

We are not made for 24/7 whole-year-round go-go-go productivity. There are times for spontaneity, and times for planning. And the way to juggle the two is to think in waves: Find your balance between planning and spontaneity with these 20 affirmations and journal prompts to go with the flow and embrace spontaneity:

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Picture this!

You wake up feeling energized and you have a clear plan to get things done, without feeling overwhelmed.

You get your priorities done with plenty of time to just relax and do what you love. You feel productive, at peace, and with full clarity about every step you make.

At the end of the day, you feel satisfied about everything you got done and you still have energy left to enjoy your evening.

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Here are some quick FREE resources that will give you immediate results.

They're especially designed for people who are extremely busy and feel like they don't have the time to work on themselves:

A 20-minute break from your busy life: ideal for beginners in meditation

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A goal setting worksheet with a new approach to start taking action

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10 Steps to STOP overthinking right away and control your busy mind

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Ready for the REAL deal?

Introducing "From Clutter To Calm"

An 8-week program that walks you through the entire process of restructuring your life and feeling more calm.

Does your schedule overwhelm you? Would you like to feel more calm and clear-headed?

If you ...

  • Divide yourself between too many activities
  • Feel like your attention is all over the place
  • Wish there were more than 24 hours in a day
  • Day-dream about accomplishing everything on your to-do list with ease
  • Desire a clear plan that combines your passions and relaxation

Then From Clutter To Calm is perfect for you! More info right here

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Your journey towards
Healthy High Achievement

Improving your health and feeling more at ease in your busy life will give you a huge Return-On-Investment for sure. At Healthy High Achievers, however, this is not what ROI stands for.

The ROI Energy Cycle stands for:

  • Remove The Clutter
  • Optimize What You Already Have
  • Increase Your Energy

The ROI Energy Cycle will help you to ...

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed while juggling like crazy
  • Create more calmness and simplicity in your day-to-day life
  • Have energy left in your evening to do what you love
  • Be able to fully relax without thinking about your to-do list
  • Sleep really well, feeling satisfied because you’ve accomplished a lot

Which of the 3 phases of the ROI Energy Cycle do you need to work on first?


Slow down your busy mind
and declutter your life


Create healthier routines and use your time/energy wisely


Give your body the right fuel to feel healthy and energized

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