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Being an entrepreneur is NOT about sacrificing your health, it's about decluttering and simplifying the whole picture to get the best ROI on your business AND your life. This is where I come in!

I have a Belgian (structured) mind with a Peruvian (flexible) lifestyle. I'm an entrepreneur with chronic disease, and I know first-hand what it takes to make business more efficient and make life more balanced.

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Holistic Life & Business Support

Growth = Chaos.


Having a perfectly structured business and a totally balanced life is a myth. (Let's set those expectations right first. Ready? Done.)

You grow, your business grows, and growth can feel like (healing) chaos.

Let me help you clear the storm by helping you organize your business and balance your life, so you can feel more at ease, successful, and healthy.

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Project based

If the tech part of your business feels draining to you, let me help. Whether it's setting up your CRM system or building a simple website, just tell me what you need and I will dive right in!

Ongoing business support

Tired of wearing all the hats as an entrepreneur? Stay in your zone of genius. I do the rest. With a mix of strategy and implementation, I am your trusted ally.

Ongoing business support and lifestyle coaching

This package is for you if you're feeling like "Things need to change. NOW", but you just don't find the time. Let's make long-term change happen in your life and your business, step by step.

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When you spread yourself too thin and struggle to stay focused because there are so many things you want to do, your body will catch up with you and you'll end up feeling burnout out, frustrated, and disappointed in yourself.

By wanting to do MORE, you end up not being able to do anything at all.

Meet Maya

Hey there! My name's Maya, I'm from Belgium, living in Peru. I've been running my own business for the past three years combining my management experience and my health coaching certification so I can be the Holistic Life & Business Support you need.

When I was 15, I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors told me: "You just have a small energy bucket and you need to learn how to live with it." I refused to accept this and started looking for my own solutions, which I found in the Peruvian Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.

I learned how to balance my Belgian structured side and my Peruvian spontaneous side. I always said: “A mix of those two cultures would be the best lifestyle!” - So here I am teaching my clients exactly how to be structured and productive while still listening to their body, enjoying the moment, and being flexible.

Let's hang out on Instagram: @mayalombarts

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Free Resources

Journal Prompts To Zoom Out Of Your Busy Life

If you're feeling overwhelmed by life right now, this one's for you 💛

  • Journal Prompts Printable + Fillable PDF to re-organize your life
  • 11 Prompts to become more efficient and focus on what really matters
  • Set your priorities and make sure your daily actions are still aligned to your bigger goals

You stay in your zone of genius.
I do the rest.

There is no better time than today to bring more efficiency to your business and learn to balance your personal life before you burn out. If you're an online entrepreneur, your home is your office and vice versa. You could literally be working the whole time.

What systems do you have in place to create structure?

What boundaries are you setting to decompress?

Let's have a free 30-minute clarity call where we will create a clear map of where you are right now, and how you can get where you want to be, one tiny step at a time.

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