The Creative Entrepreneur's Sidekick

My name is Maya, it’s great to meet you! I am an entrepreneur with a Belgian (structured) mind and a Peruvian (flexible) lifestyle.

Whether you're a musician, a photographer, or a coach, I'm here to take those linear tasks off your plate, be your strategic sounding board, and help you declutter your entrepreneurial journey. It's all about creating harmony between your business and your well-being.

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Your 360 Support for Business Operations and Life Balance

Picture a mix of Belgian organization with Peruvian flexibility—resulting in a blend that supports your creative momentum. I'm your secret weapon to streamline your business in a way that fits perfectly with your creative nature, while nurturing your well-being!

Let me help you clear the whirlwind of managing an online business by taking those linear tasks off your hands, providing strategic guidance, and simplifying your entrepreneurial life.

Kristelle Boulos, wedding photographer in Miami

I’m responsible for Kristelle's Honeybook (client system) and Quickbooks (accountancy), so Kristelle can focus on her passion for photography. She’s an Aquarius and I’m a Taurus, so whenever she has a new business idea, I help her go from idea to implementation in the most practical way.

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Virtual Assistant


Alright, let's get to it! Check out my services and let me know if you're looking for a Bizz Audit, Project-Based Support, or a Long-Term Sidekick.

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Decluttering life


I feel you. The first step to a more calm and balanced life is to declutter every area of your life with a Life Audit. I'm here to guide you every step of the way!



Well, there's a lot for you to snoop around here! Grab a cup of tea and listen to the podcast, read the blog, or meditate with me.

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You stay in your zone of genius.
I do the rest.

There is no better time than today to bring more efficiency to your business and create space so you can focus on creation mode and client work!

Are you outsourcing the tasks that drain you?
What systems do you have in place to create structure?

Let's start with a Bizz Audit, where I roll up my sleeves and go through everything I can find about your business—your website, email sequence, freebies, social media—everything. Together, we'll whip up more clarity and efficiency in your client journey, making sure your potential clients know exactly what they're in for.