The Productivity Paradox

How To Thrive While Embracing The Chaos

Hey there, Chievers!

Today, I want to share a side of myself you probably didn’t know yet, and you will soon understand why it relates to you. Sometimes, I find it hard to create content, to give my readers and listeners advice, to create tutorials about how to organize your life and your business. You see, as a coach, I am trained to dive headfirst into someone else’s world, without preconceptions, and really focus on what works for that ONE person. I gather insights into your successes, your failures, your current systems, your thought processes, and help you find a personalized way to plan and get things done.

Why? Because what works for you will not work for someone else, and what works for you right now might not be the same down the road.

So, when my content manager asked me to write a blog post about productivity, I hesitated. Instead, I decided to explore this nuance and offer you the choice to pick what resonates with you.

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Many productivity books give you the same roadmap when it comes to organizing your business and your life. Generally, they speak about 3 main steps:

  • Zoom Out: Gain a big-picture perspective on your goals 
  • Map Out Tasks: Create a list of tasks for each project
  • Pick Today’s Focus: Prioritize one daily task that connects to your bigger goals

Now, you might thrive by zooming out, reconnecting with your broader goals, OR it might feel overwhelming because you’re not clear (yet) on your future (and that’s perfectly okay).

You might enjoy mapping out tasks and using a project management system, OR it might be a source of anxiety for you, gazing at a long list of to-dos (and that’s perfectly okay)

You might enjoy focusing on ONE important task each day, OR you might need to time block your whole day to get stuff done (and that’s perfectly okay).

My point here is: not every system will work for you.

Even if you’ve read several productivity books, all chanting the same mantra - visualize your bigger goals, break them down into projects, define the tasks within each project, and set up a schedule to tick those tasks off - it’s perfectly okay if this doesn’t resonate with you.

What you think you need to be good at in order to run an online business, might not be necessary at all. I’ll give you the example of my own Imposter Syndrome Moment:

My Major Wave of Imposter Syndrome

Last week, I had a major Imposter Syndrome Moment. 

I delved into the world of ClickUp, stumbling upon an incredible YouTuber explaining how to streamline your business and client work using a system called ClickUp. As I learned more about organizing projects in ClickUp, I suddenly felt a major wave of Imposter Syndrome washing over me.

Who am I to help others organize their business, when I don’t even use a structured system myself?

I’m not an expert in one specific task management platform.

I don’t have all the SOPs for my clients like other Business Managers do.

I don’t even have a schedule anymore!

Suddenly, my spontaneous (Peruvian) side began to feel like a fraud.

I thought I needed ClickUp to create a detailed task management system for each of my clients.

The truth is: My clients don’t even like that!

Your Inner Rebel against Too Much Structure

While my structured (Belgian) side thrives on systems and organization, my spontaneous (Peruvian) side aligns more with creatives like you! - musicians, photographers, coaches, and fellow creatives who often rebel against too much structure.

You need space to breathe and create. You need to feel FREE.

Last month, I started working with a new client who teaches people to embrace their creativity and share their stories through books.

When she shared her Google Drive and ClickUp workspace, I couldn’t help but wonder: here’s this highly creative person with this highly organized system created by her previous Virtual Assistants, and yet, she struggled to find any document or video she wanted to show me. Even I couldn’t find what I was looking for!

Some people enjoy having folders within folders within folders, working with categories and subsubsubcategories to structure their business.

Others, like you and me, need their their main folders and documents front and center, visually pleasing and CLEAR.

To give you an example: I don’t want to have my Client Contract Template in a folder that says ‘Onboarding’, inside the folder ‘Workflow’, inside the folder ‘Clients’, inside the folder ‘Operations’. 

So, What Can You Do?

Alright, let me offer you a few tips if this post strikes a chord with you: 

  • First of all, let me help you. Book a Bizz Audit or a Life Audit, and together, we will find a new rhythm and a FLEXIBLE system that works for your personality.
  • Consider hiring a business manager who understands your creative inner world while managing your systems for you. Your assistant can remind you of your bigger goals and guide you toward the next step in your journey. If you’re curious, let’s chat.
  • You DON’T need a strict content calendar. Find a way of sharing your brilliance that resonates with you. Whether you post three Reels one week or go silent the next, it doesn’t matter. People just want to connect with you, understand what makes you tick, and spy on you a little before actually working with you.
  • You DON’T need a fixed working schedule. You understand your creativity has its ebbs and flows and you can’t force it, and the same goes for your productivity! We are not machines. Accept your waves of productivity, and be gentle with yourself during your waves of withdrawal (and sleepiness).
  • Reward yourself with playfulness after tackling more linear work such as emails, invoicing, paperwork, or website fixes. If you stay in the linear space, your mind may become restless and lead you down a negative spiral. Step away from your desk, step away from the seriousness, and engage in something creative, fun, playful, and spontaneous, with ZERO expectations of what the outcome should be.
  • Rather than a task list, create a progress list. Anything you get done that takes you closer to your goals, write it down on a piece of paper, make it visual and pleasing for the brain, and look at it whenever you feel like you’re not getting anything done.

I could go on and on about this, but let’s figure out what works for you and you alone.

You are one-of-a-kind and deserve a way of living, functioning, working, and thinking that wholeheartedly supports your unique personality. Book a Bizz Audit or Life Audit with me (or both!) and let’s dive into your beautiful and unique inner world.

I’d love to hear what part resonated with you! DM me on Instagram and let’s normalize having flexible systems!


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