The 2022 Goal Setting Worksheet

How To LEARN From 2021 & Set Powerful Intentions For 2022

Maya Lombarts


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Hey Chievers,

We’re heading towards the end of the year already, and even though you’re feeling quite unsure about what 2022 will bring, there is a certain part you can take control over, and that is your own self-development, self-care, and the way you go about your days and your goals.

I’ve created The 2022 Goal Setting Worksheet for you to learn from what you’ve gone through in 2021 so you can set powerful intentions and goals for 2022.

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Why is goal setting important?

First, you need to think about what goals are and why they are important. Goals are just ideas in your head, right? A goal is a vague idea of what you would like to achieve in your life, or just in this next year, but then everyday life gets in the way, things happen that interrupt your focus on your goals, and you just get too ‘busy’ handling with everyday challenges.

By the end of the day, you’re feeling exhausted from all the problem-solving, and as you are binge-watching Netflix, you’re not thinking at all of the actions you could take towards your goals, because you have no idea what they are.

And why do you have no idea what actions to take? 

Well, you didn’t have a Goal Setting Worksheet like this one.

Goal setting is important because taking a moment to narrow down your goals so you know which actions to take will actually help you bring your goals to life. By imaging what it would be like when you reach your goal, and defining the specific steps that will take you closer to your goal, you help your brain see how achievable your goal is, and it will feel easier to actually jump into action.

But Maya, every time I set goals I get frustrated and disappointed when I don’t reach them, so I stopped setting goals altogether…

I want you to read this twice: it is not the goal-setting part that you should stop doing, it’s the beating-yourself-up part … 

You need to work on your perfectionism and the way you talk to yourself. Otherwise, you will never feel satisfied with anything you achieve, because you’re only focusing on what you have NOT accomplished (yet). 

You also need to learn how to set more realistic goals.

In the 2022 Goal Setting Worksheet I will help you not set goals that are too big, but to keep breaking your goals down into tiny steps that truly make the difference. 

It’s about the progress you make every time you take action, not about reaching the destination by the end of the year.

Even when you don’t reach that exact goal, at least you took steps towards it, and you’re closer to achieving that goal than you would’ve been if you didn’t set any goals because you’re afraid you won’t achieve them.

Are we in this life to just live day by day? Accepting the circumstances? Instant gratification? 

Or do you actually work for long-term results? Something that may take years and take consistent action?

I hope you can see now how important it is that you set apart one hour this week, create a moment of pure self-reflection, and go through this 2022 Goal Setting Worksheet.

8 questions to reflect on 2021 and set powerful intentions for 2022

Let's do this! Download the 2022 Goal Setting Worksheet and reflect on the 8 steps.

Send it to me!

When you follow along with the worksheet, you’ll see that several things pop out. This Goal Setting Worksheet is not like any other goal setting exercise.

Here are 4 interesting differences:

  • You will learn from the best moments of 2021 AND the darker moments. You need to acknowledge the difficult moments without shoving them under the rug. There are some rich lessons hidden in the moments that made you feel most sad, frustrated, and stressed.
  • You will not only set goals for 2022 but focus on the FEELINGS you want to be feeling this next year. This is like entering a destination in your mental GPS. Your brain will start looking for that feeling and find opportunities to feel more happy, calm, grateful, proud, loved, …
  • You will break down your bigger life goals into tiny action steps. If your goal seems too big, you will never jump into action. In this worksheet I will even challenge you to find some kind of action step you can take RIGHT NOW, like subscribing to a course, emailing a friend, turning on job alerts, installing the right App, whatever it is that brings you a tiny step closer to your goals.
  • You will get a clear and visible list of your goals and the right steps to get there through the brainstorming questions in this worksheet. This worksheet doesn’t start with “Make a list of all your goals”, no no no, your goals will actually pop out very intuitively as I ask you to highlight everything you mentioned in the 8 questions.

The 2022 Goal Setting Worksheet is designed for you to get clarity on your goals without actually focusing on a list of goals. 

Say what??

Give it a try and let us know in the Healthy High Achievers community what this experience was like for you. I challenge you to share your goals and your first action steps so that we can be your accountability partners.

If you want more of this kind of worksheets, I have just the right service for you.

I challenge you to do this kind of exercise every month, not just once per year, in the Healthy High Achievers Membership. I create a different Monthly Reflection Video for you to learn from your previous attempts and find the right strategy for you to actually keep up with healthy habits and change your brain chemistry.

Apart from the Monthly Reflection Video, you also get weekly resources like self-reflection worksheets, journaling prompts, mini-meditations, and so much more to keep you on the right path.

Healthy High Achievers is here for you to support you on your journey towards a healthy life where you feel more calm and clear-headed to fully focus on what’s important to you!

Happy 2022, Chievers!


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