What I'm Working On Now

This is a 'Now' page. I love the idea of nownownow.com and so here it is!

Last update: 05 August 2022

The personal habits I'm focusing on

  • Waking up with hypnosis audios: I'm working on my money mindset and fueling Healthy High Achievers with love and positive energy. I like to meditate first thing after waking up. I am using the free audios of Alicia Cramer. I really needed to fuel my motivation tank after being in business for 2 years.
  • Lowering my sugar intake again: For two whole years, I cut out sugar completely. I didn't eat anything packaged and avoided all processed sugars. Lately, I've been grabbing more cookies and sugary chocolates again, and I feel my energy levels dropping. I feel way better when I'm off sugar, so time to get back on track!

My 3-month business goals atm

  • Launch the BRAND NEW Healthy High Achievers Membership: Thanks to the Membership Geeks (This is an affiliate link, by the way, because I just love their program), my membership for Weekly Planning & Goal Setting For Go-Getters is launching on 6 October 2022 and I'm warming up the audience! Click here to get your invite to a FREE Goal & Intention Setting Workshop (Excitingggg!)
  • Have 3 VA clients by the end of September: Apart from running Healthy High Achievers and working as a professional singer in Cusco, Peru, I also use my experience as a coordinator and manager to help other online entrepreneurs as a Virtual Assistant. I have two clients right now, and I'm aiming for a third one by the end of September. Wish me luck!
  • Growing my Pinterest account: for the first time ever, I hired external support for my business! It was scary at first, but at some point, you just need to start outsourcing. Pinterest has been a great way for people to find my free templates and blog posts. Click here to check out my profile.

What I'm still not doing

  • Cooking at home ... I want to lower my personal expense of eating out, but Peruvian good is just so good, fresh, easy and cheap!
  • Writing my own song ... I have a great chorus, and some kind of intro so far, but my guitar player really needs to push me to get together, bust through my perfectionism, and just finish the song.

I'd like to push myself to ...

  • Really take time off during my visit to Belgium. I am visiting my family in Belgium in August and September, and if you're an online entrepreneur, you know how hard it is to COMPLETELY stop working for a couple of weeks. It's so easy to just grab your laptop and quickly get something done... I'm promising myself I will unwind and enjoy this time with family and friends (and just by mentioning it here, I feel like you are my accountability partners to actually make this happen!).

What I'm reading right now

  • "The Power of Having FUN" by Dave Crenshaw: We're actually just getting started in the Book Club of the Healthy High Achievers membership with some Early Bird Members. I love creating the journal prompts for every chapter + It makes me read more, too! Click here to get on the waitlist

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