What I'm Working On Now

This is a 'Now' page. I love the idea of nownownow.com and so here it is!

Last update: January 10, 2024

The personal habits I'm focusing on

After struggling with getting back on track with my personal habits, I decided to practice what I preach and create ridiculously tiny habits that are impossible for my brain to find excuses for. Reading one page a day? I can't use the "I'm too busy today" card for that! 😉

  • Meditate for 10 mins right after waking up
  • Read 1 page
  • Play 1 song on the piano

My business focus atm

  • Publish From Clutter To Calm on InsightTimer: Every week, I go live on InsightTimer with journaling sessions. (Click here to RSVP!) For those of you who participated in my group coaching program 'From Clutter To Calm', I am recording a brand-new version to post on InsightTimer so it's available for anyone, at your own pace!
  • Receive my first volunteers in Peru: I recently became the co-owner of Peru Volunteer, and I can't wait to welcome our first volunteers in February! I've been going at it behind the scenes to breathe new life into this organization that's so close to my heart. 7 years ago, I got my very first official job as a volunteer coordinator at Peru Volunteer, and now I'm happy to run the show along with my very first boss Thomas Padt! (Wanna join me in Peru? Why not volunteer while visiting Machu Picchu! Click here to learn more)
  • Record super spontaneous podcast episodes: I wanna go real and raw. No more scripting, editing, or promoting on social media. I'm just going to hit 'record' and follow my inspiration. Even if I look exhausted from celebrating NYE like in this episode!

What I'm still not doing

  • Singing 🥹 I've been gig-less for a while now, and I don't really know why. The political situation one year ago put a hold on everything, but somehow I haven't been able to jump back on the concerts-wagon ever since. Maybe I should just sing more on the podcast? 🤭

I'd like to push myself to ...

  • Go out! I mean, sleeping early is awesome, but I do miss going to bars, listening to live music, bumping into people I know, ... I'm turning 30 in May, and I've been really feeling the almost-30-crisis for the past year. I choose calmness and sleeping early, but then I get bored from the calmness and sleeping early. So I've decided to push myself to stay up a bit later once a week as a sacrifice for my social life 💃 (Can you imagine I'm not even dancing salsa anymore!!??)

What I'm reading right now

  • The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin: As a very organized and linear person, I never thought of myself as 'creative'. This is ridiculous, of course, because we're all naturally creative beings. This book has very short inspiring chapters that expand my mind and the way I see myself. Highly recommend!

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