What I'm Working On Now

This is a 'Now' page. I love the idea of nownownow.com and so here it is!

Last update: August 23, 2023

The personal habits I'm focusing on

  • Meditating every morning: This is an old habit that slept through my fingers, and now I am getting back on track. Yes, falling off the wagon happens to all of us! The power is in getting back up when our body asks us to. I am only 7 days in and I'm already feeling the difference when I wake up in a higher vibe to seize the day.

My business focus atm

  • Offer my Bizz Audit Service: I tweaked my website and streamlined my services with the help of a good friend who started her business at the same time as I did. Sometimes, it's so hard to see your own business clearly. That's why I'm offering a Bizz Audit! Click here to find out more.
  • Clean up my Client Onboarding: Ironically, I just published a new free email course about exactly that: 5 ways to simplify your client onboarding. I still have some work to do on my own workflow! Especially number 4: creating a welcome kit. I have one for my virtual team, but not for my clients yet. Time to build some systems!
  • Focus on Client Work: After I came back from vacation, I had a lot of inspiration and energy to tweak my website and create more clarity in my services. Updating this page was the last thing on my list. I'll be focusing more on working IN my business and onboarding new clients.

What I'm still not doing

  • Singing more on social media ... Somehow, when I'm NOT on a stage, I don't feel comfortable singing. As long as I have the right context of a stage, a microphone, musicians, and an audience, I'm good. But the moment a friend says: "Could you sing something for me?" I freak out. I admire people who just randomly create a Reel singing the song they're working on. And I'm feeling like doing the same. Maybe even incorporating a tiny bit of singing in the middle of a podcast episode, who knows? (I do have YouTube videos, though, but again, there was a context. If you're curious, here's my bilingual cover of Feeling Good!)

I'd like to push myself to ...

  • Re-discover myself as I approach my 30s: I'm in a weird transition period right now where the things that excited me in my 20s don't interest me anymore, but the things I need more of as I'm heading towards my 30s (like staying in and sleeping early) still feel boring to me. I feel like I need to re-discover from scratch what fills my cup.

What I'm reading right now

  • How To Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie: A classic I hadn't tackled yet. I caught myself being more in 'blaming' mode lately, and that's not who I want to be. This book is helping me to let go of my expectations of others so I can just enjoy my social interactions as they come. I'm not sure if I'll keep reading, because the gazillion tiny historical stories are starting to overwhelm my brain.

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