What I'm Working On Now

This is a 'Now' page. I love the idea of nownownow.com and so here it is!

Last update: 5 January 2023

The personal habits I'm focusing on

  • Playing the Piano!!: I used to play the piano when I was 13-14-15, but I never had the passion for it. My keyboard was just catching dust in my room. I did have the talent, though, and I had been thinking for a couple of years now to get back to it. Guess what happened? A friend of mine left her keyboard at my house for a couple of months while traveling, and so I started playing again! It feels nostalgic and new at the same time. Thank you, Universe, for pushing it right under my nose!
  • Leaving out sugar (again): Somehow sugar always finds a way to creep back in. For years, I completely entirely cut out sugar from my diet. Lately, I've been eating more sugary treats (and popcorn with sugar...) My energy levels drop when my diet becomes 'cluttered', so I'll be focusing on whole foods & sugar-free living again.

My 3-month business goals atm

  • Have 4 hours of paid VA work in the mornings: My productivity window is 9 am to 1 pm. That's when I'm at my desk in full focus mode. I'd love those 4 hours to be fully paid work, and use my afternoons for checking emails, networking calls, etc. (I'm happy to announce I reached my previous goal of 5 Virtual Assistant clients by the end of 2022! WOO-HOO!)
  • Set up my collaboration with Croswell Coaching: I met Paul W. Croswell for the first time when I was a guest on his podcast. Our stories are so similar, I decided to invite him to the Healthy High Achievers podcast (watch the episode right here). I'm so happy to announce we've decided to start working together! I'll be a coach on his team at Croswell Coaching, check out his work right here.
  • Enjoy the success: After two years of learning how to build a business and investing lots and lots of time and energy into the growth of my business, I am allowing myself to sit back and enjoy the ride. No need to post all over social media, no need to launch a promotion. I am taking a moment to enjoy the fruits.

What I'm still not doing

  • Buying plants ... Gosh, it's been on my list of goals for almost a year ... The thing is, in Peru, you can't just go to a plant shop and buy what you need, let alone order online. You need to go to a busy market on Saturday morning to buy your plants. And I'm a highly sensitive person who avoids busy (super)markets...

I'd like to push myself to ...

  • Stop tracking my expenses. I've been working on my abundance mindset and creating financial comfort for myself. It is time to embrace financial abundance, whatever my income level is, and celebrate everything that comes in, without tracking what goes out. I've been tracking expenses since I was a kid, but now I realize it's only stressing me out.

What I'm reading right now

  • Come As You Are - Emily Nagoski: I'm not even half-way and I'm already like: OMG EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS!! It is focused on women's sexuality, which is why it's probably even more important that men read this one, too. Honestly, it's a total eye-opener!

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