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Bizz Audit

Running a creative business can be a whirlwind. You get busy sharing your passion and it's hard to offer clarity and efficiency to your clients. That's where the Bizz Audit comes in – your essential tool to gain fresh perspectives and streamlined operations.

Here's how it works:

  • 360 Business Evaluation: Gain fresh perspectives as I examine your website, emails, social presence, and more, identifying opportunities to declutter, simplify, and streamline.
  • 1-on-1 Feedback Call: Receive personalized feedback during our 1-on-1 call where we flesh out your client journey and your business organization.
  • Balanced Impact: Maintaining life balance as an online entrepreneur is hard. Apart from business feedback, we'll touch on lifestyle topics to nurture both your creativity and well-being.
  • Recording Included: Our Feedback Call will be recorded so you can be fully present as we personalize all insights and recommendations to your personality and entrepreneurial style.
  • Ongoing Business Support: Once we're clear on the next action steps, let me take the operational tasks off of your plate as your Sidekick in my Ongoing Business Support Services!

Your Investment: 249 USD

Yes! I Need This!

Life Audit

Is your life feeling overwhelming right now? Not knowing where your head's at most of the time? My Life Audit Service helps you declutter and reorganize your personal life, so you can find balance and harmony. It's time to live life to the fullest.

Here's how it works:

  • Busy Life Breakdown Self-Assessment: Once you've booked your slot for your decluttering sessions, you'll get access to a self-assessment worksheet to take stock of all the clutter and stressors in your life.
  • 1-on-1 Decluttering Session: Together, we will create a game plan to declutter the stressful areas in your life and create life balance step by step so you can avoid burnout and feel more at peace.
  • 3-Month Game Plan: After this call, you will receive a document with your 3-month game plan for a calm balanced life.
  • Recording Included: Our Decluttering Session will be recorded so you can be fully present during this coaching session.
  • Ongoing Coaching Sessions: If you feel you need monthly sessions to further declutter and simplify your life, we can discuss an ongoing coaching package!

Your Investment: 129 USD

Meet Maya.

Hey there! My name's Maya, I’m from Belgium, and I’ve been living in Cusco, Peru for the past seven years while building my business online.

I struggled with chronic disease in Belgium when I was only 15 (CFS and Fibromyalgia). Doctors told me: "You just have a small energy bucket and you need to learn how to live with it." I refused to accept this and started looking for my own solutions, which I found in the Peruvian Lifestyle and Functional Medicine.

I learned how to balance my Belgian structured side and my Peruvian spontaneous side. I always said: “A mix of those two cultures would be the best lifestyle!” - So here I am teaching my clients exactly how to be structured and productive both in business and in life, while still listening to their body, enjoying the moment, and being flexible.

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Ready to redefine your journey?

Choose the service that suits you best, or combine them for a comprehensive life overhaul!

Mental Clarity

Gain a clearer understanding of your personal and business goals, without taking on too much.

Work-Life Balance

Create a plan that ensures you have time for what truly matters.

Optimized Efficiency

Streamline your client journey and operations, so you can focus your energy on creativity and client work.

Peace Of Mind

Simplify your life to reduce mental clutter and increase your overall well-being.

Personal Solutions

Collaborate with a certified coach and experienced business manager who understands your unique style and goals.

"Having ideas is easy, but minimizing and executing is the hard part. While running an online business, there’s an infinite amount of directions and tasks. Maya’s focus and compassion help me realign to what’s important rather than getting lost or paralyzed."

- Sam Foster, musician and founder of

"I no longer feel overwhelmed or stressed trying to catch up. Instead, I'm well ahead of schedule. Maya is supportive and determined to help you succeed. We brainstorm ideas together, and she serves as a sounding board. Maya's ability to offer valuable insights and ideas is priceless."

- Kristelle Boulos, wedding photographer in Miami

Sabrina Ward Harrison

“Maya is a great listener. I can trust that she sees the bigger picture and creates a structured path to get there. I don’t have to micromanage, which feels so freeing. I have the space now to think more clearly about my vision for my business.”

- Sabrina Ward Harrison, artist

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