Start Every Week With More Clarity & Focus

  • Weekly Review Printable + Fillable PDF to reflect on your past week and start taking actions to improve your life
  • Focus on the positive and create balance in your everyday life
  • Track your progress to keep taking steps towards your bigger life/business goals

"I was too busy for my own good and needed help clearing my mind and learning where to focus my energy. I now feel that I’m finally able to get my mind off of work and fully relax on the weekend, even when I’m juggling between a million projects."

- Kelson (US)
Business entrepreneur

"I needed to find a new balance, to take better care of myself, and to simplify my schedule. What I loved the most about Maya's worksheets and templates is that she gives very practical and easy-to-implement tips, which allow to make a change and see the results right away."

- Marta (Italy)
Remote sensing scientist and PhD candidate

"I was looking for more focus and self-care, because I’m quite a creative person and I easily get distracted. The clear structure of the templates makes it very personal and easy to follow. I’ve become more structured, with enough flexibility to follow my creative impulses."

- Dane (Belgium)
Artist in Poetic Diction & Drama