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Sometimes you get so caught up in life, you forget to zoom out and realign & simplify your goals. In Maya's Journaling Corner, you'll get the chance to re-organize your life in a cozy (online) environment of driven people around the world. Join us!

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I needed some sort of consistent support throughout the year to stay on course with my personal goals AND my business goals. My first big goal was to declutter my space and feel more organized. I feel more light now and I’m going after my business goals while still prioritizing my health thanks to the action plan Maya and I created together.

I used to read tons of self-help books to take better care of myself as I'm combining my full-time job with my own business idea, but working with Maya has helped me so much more because I’m taking more concrete action and I feel more focused.

Fien Lanssens (Belgium)

PhD in Plant Biotechnology