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Virtual assistance is quite a new concept in the entrepreneurial world. Ever since the pandemic, more and more entrepreneurs are working from home and choosing their team online, wherever they are in the world.

As your VA or OBM, I can be your sounding board for your business ideas while bringing more efficiency and structure into your daily operations.

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Why hire a VA?

In the US, almost every entrepreneur has a VA. During my last visit to Europe (I'm currently living in Peru), I was shocked to discover my entrepreneurial network had never heard about Virtual Assistance.

This is why every entrepreneur should have a VA:

  • You don't have to wear all hats in your business. You can stay in your zone of genius, and I handle the rest. For example: you write a blog post, I do the editing, the SEO optimization, the posting on your website, and the sharing on your socials.
  • You have someone to bounce off your business ideas. Have you ever had that feeling that your own business looks like a mess, but you can see a clear picture of your friend's business? That's because you're working day in and day out on your own project, you're too attached. I can be that external pair of eyes and use my coaching skills to help you have a clear idea and a structured plan for your business.
  • Busy times? Your VA is there for you. Quiet times? You don't need to pay anyone a salary. You are paying your VA on an hourly basis in a flexible way. We can have an estimate of 10 hours per week, or 8 hours per month, and still have space for fluctuation depending on how busy you are in your business right now. No need to pay anyone a salary when business activity is low.

What can I do for you exactly?

Think about this: what would you rather outsource? Which tasks feel like a drag? Have a look at my strongest VA skills below and let's see if we're a match.

General Administration

Email communication, client relations, data entry, invoicing and accountability, HR activities

Business Efficiency

Improve your business structures and organization by using automation and creating workflows

Strategic Planning & Brainstorming

Declutter and streamline your business, bounce off new ideas, map out a clear strategy

Website Copywriting

Create websites from scratch (Leadpages, Wix, Wordpress), update with new content, tweak copywriting as the business evolves

Tech Support

CRM tools, email automation, online course creation, landing pages and pop-ups, sales funnel

Events & Workshops

Managing registrations and preparations for live events, webinars, workshops

Social Media Management

Analytics of social media and website, managing YouTube content, creating branded visuals (Canva), Pinterest SEO setup, podcast setup

SEO Optimization

Optimize the SEO of your blog, landing page, YouTube account, or Pinterest profile and boards

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You stay in your zone of genius.

I do the rest.

Would you rather stay in your creative space and outsource the rest? Are you feeling overwhelmed by a big project right now and you could use some temporary support? Do you feel stuck in your business because you keep getting lost in the nitty-gritty daily tasks and you can't do what you actually enjoy doing in your business?

This is what I need. Let's chat!

Happy Clients

"I hired Maya to help me with a broad variety of tasks in my business so I could focus on my core work. Although she's really good at many things she proved to be very excellent at setting up the technical backend of my business, designing templates and content strategy. Maya is more than a VA, she not only helps with operational tasks, but also helps think strategically. Lastly, she's a very fast learner and a quick worker. Highly, highly recommended!"

- Hannah Tönissen, founder of The Multipassionate (The Netherlands)

"Maya is everything you've ever wanted in a VA and more. I hired her to create some charts and graphs based on Excel data and I was impressed by the speed and quality of her work. She didn't just create the charts, she also took the time to suggest better ways to display the data -- and she was spot on! All in all, Maya is not just knowledgeable, she's also super friendly, dedicated, and great to work with. I've hired dozens of freelancers so far and Maya is by far one of the best. If you need a VA, look no further. Or do look elsewhere if you must, so she'll have more time to work with me in the future :)"

- Adriana Tica, Digital Marketer & Trend Analyst (Romania)

"Maya is everything you need in a virtual assistant: thinks a step ahead, responds quickly, knowledgeable, a joy to work with and resourceful. Maya helped me to create my website, flyers and social media, rectified tech issues and created landing pages. I cannot recommend her enough!"

- Juliet Malray, transformational coach and Circle leader (United States)

Axel Funhoff

"Maya worked for Achilles Design as our Office Manager over the course of one year, and it was fun to work with her. She was a fast learner, very sociable, proactive, and highly appreciated by all colleagues. From accountancy to HR, she was able to take on a variety of tasks.”

- Axel Funhoff, CEO of Achilles Design (Belgium)

"Maya is very reliable, precise, and independent. She was the point of content between our clients, our providers, and our local and international staff. She understood at all times what had to be done and could prioritize very well. She was in good contact with our projects and clients. It has been a pleasure to work with Maya."

- Peru Volunteer, Volunteering & Tourism in Peru (Peru)

"I had some very techy and tricky automations I needed to do on my website and I decided to outsource it. Maya was nice, professional, and fast. She updated me on any progress and the end result was great. If you are looking for a great professional, Maya is the one!"

- Ana Hernandez, Life Coach (Spain)

Let’s get to work.

I have over 10 years of experience in several industries (wellness space, tourism, design,...) as a coordinator, general manager, personal assistant, and Operational Business Manager. Check out my resume on Linkedin right here and reach out if you want to start working together.

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