I was too busy for my own good and needed help clearing my mind and learning where to focus my energy. From Clutter To Calm helped me trim down the excess energy I was expending on trivial matters when it came to my mental health. This program really helped me focus on what I found most important, and build on those values. I found the small group sessions with people from around the world very enjoyable. It provided me with a perspective that a cluttered mind can be found anywhere and everywhere, no matter the experience. I now feel that I’m finally able to truly get my mind off of work and truly relax in the evenings and on the weekend, even when I’m juggling between a million projects.”

Kelson Honeycutt (US)
Business entrepreneur

"I took part in From Clutter To Calm in a moment of my life where I felt disoriented, lost in all my activities and at the edge of my 30ies. I needed to find a new balance, to take better care of myself, to simplify my schedule. What I loved the most about Maya's method is that she gives very practical and easy-to-implement tips, which allow to make a change and see the results right away. Through the weekly worksheets she made me reflect upon different aspects of my life, both in terms of things to improve and strengths to use better to face challenging times in life. I set my priorities now and my schedule is much simpler. I feel more focused and energised, and I now manage to find time for everything that counts for me. Couldn't be happier about the program!"

Marta (Italy)
Remote sensing scientist and PhD candidate

“I was looking for more focus and self-care, because I’m quite a creative person and I easily get distracted. I feel like From Clutter To Calm helped me to become much more conscious of my behavior patterns. The clear structure of the program makes it very personal and easy to follow. I’ve become more structured, with enough flexibility to follow my creative impulses. It has become easier for me to recognize when my body’s feeling stressed and tense, and I learned the right techniques to relax and disconnect. I also feel that my values in life have become stronger, which makes me feel more confident about what I want to do in life. After going through From Clutter To Calm, I’m ready to dig a bit deeper. I feel like I finally have the space to tackle other issues I’ve been struggling with. This is why I’m happy I’ll always have access to this program so I can keep working on myself.”

Dane (Belgium)
Artist in Poetic Diction & Drama

I used to push my limits and postpone my endless to-do list.
Maya and I worked on this adrenaline rush when I run from one thing to the next to be as ‘efficient’ as possible.

I wanted to create a balance between the part of me that just wants to relax and enjoy life, and the part of me that wants to be structured and productive. Right now I feel so much more conscious about what’s important in my life.

Without our sessions, I wouldn’t have been able to make decisions in the way I’m doing now.
I feel more calm, focused, balanced, and I don’t take on too much anymore.
I really feel like I’m starting a new chapter in life.

— Josse De Broeck (Belgium)

Healthy High Achievers Programs

You can either take action now, or you can do nothing and think: "I don't need help. It's not THAT bad". I was there before. I thought I didn't need health coaching because I am self-disciplined enough.

Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Using these services and joining the Healthy High Achievers community will speed up your progress like crazy, and you'll create lasting change that will always stay with you, even when life gets hectic.

PREMIUM Membership

One habit at a time. Personal follow-up. Group accountability.

We'll start with a Busy Life Breakdown so we can evaluate all areas of your life and create your personalized action plan.

Weekly worksheets, journal prompts, meditations, webinars, online meetups, Private Momentum Calls, and so much more!

$ 47 / month

More info

From Clutter To Calm

An 8-week program that shows you the entire process of restructuring your days and feeling more calm.

Overwhelmed by your schedule? Feel calmer and clear-headed in only 8 weeks!

8 modules with training videos, self-coaching worksheets and Weekly Group Coaching Calls.

Group: $ 347

Self-paced: $ 173

1-on-1 Health Coaching

Need more personalized guidance around specific issues that add to your stress levels or habits you can't seem to change?

We meet online twice a month to re-strategize your life and make small tweaks step-by-step that will make the biggest impact on your calmness, focus, and energy levels.

We can also dive into Functional Medicine (more info right here)

$ 175 / month

From Clutter To Calm

An 8-week program that shows you the entire process of restructuring your life and feeling more calm

Does your schedule overwhelm you? Would you like to feel more calm and clear-headed?

If you ...

  • Divide yourself between too many activities
  • Feel like your attention is all over the place
  • Wish there were more than 24 hours in a day
  • Day-dream about accomplishing everything on your to-do list with ease
  • Desire a clear plan that combines your passions and relaxation
Yes! Tell me more!

Other Services

Mini Courses

Get started with one of the mini courses Give Your Brain A Break or The Empty Schedule

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Join The Community

Join Healthy High Achievers for FREE and connect with driven minds around the world

Health Retreats

Get away from the pressures of life to recharge and restore in the beautiful mountains of Cusco, Peru

Corporate Workshops

Online workshops for your company to bring down your employee's stress levels when the pressure is high

Icons made by Becris from

Astrology Coaching

As a Certified Astrologer of the MAYO School Of Astrology, I offer you a personal coaching session where we use your birth chart (a map of the sky the moment you were born) and oracle cards to guide our conversation into:

  • Understanding your psyche and the way you've been going about life
  • Creating personal strategies adapted to your birth chart to feel more healthy and calm
  • Get clarity on what you should be working on next as we look at the positions of the planets today and how this triggers different areas in your chart

Get clear on your personality, your personal struggles in life, and the right strategies to feel happy, healthy and calm!

I want to book an Astrology Coaching Session!