Do you have something special to offer to the world, but you're sick of hustling and selling online?

What if I told you there is a way to grow your business by offering your services to a global community while feeling supported by an online network of driven entrepreneurs AND having access to a free library of self-care resources so you don't burn out in the process of online entrepreneurship?

Testimonial of Fien (who was our very FIRST PREMIUM Member!)

“I’m so happy with the PREMIUM membership! I needed some sort of consistent support throughout the year to stay on course with my personal goals AND my business goals. My first big goal was to declutter my space and feel more organized. I feel more light now and I’m going after my business goals while still prioritizing my health thanks to the action plan Maya and I created together. She also helped me create a general 5-year plan for my business so that I can break it down into smaller steps without losing sight of my bigger vision. I used to read tons of self-help books to take better care of myself as I'm combining my full-time job with my own business idea, but working with Maya has helped me so much more because I’m taking more concrete action and I feel more focused. I love our little brainstorms every 3 months during the Momentum Calls so I can reach my goals in a way that works for me personally.

The weekly materials inside the Membership give me a great reminder to take a weekly moment for myself, to be present, and to work on my goals. The meditations are really nice and I also love the book club to process what I’m reading on a deeper level using Maya’s coaching questions for every chapter. Maya is really amazing, she’s good at helping you reach your goals while being completely yourself. A session with Maya gives you so much energy, and if you’re looking for a quiet moment of reflection + a way to stay connected with other entrepreneurs, the Healthy High Achievers platform is the best place to go.”

Fien Lanssens (Belgium)
PhD in Plant Biotechnology

Biology and Chemistry Teacher

Starting a business in natural skincare products

Introducing the Healthy High Achievers PREMIUM Membership

Offer your services to our free members. Start networking with online entrepreneurs. Get coached on personal AND professional goals. Practice self-care with our extended library of self-care resources. Be a leader in the Healthy High Achievers Movement.

The ONLY Platform That Allows You To ...

  • Meditations
  • Journal Prompts
  • Monthly Reflection Videos
  • Goal-setting Worksheets
  • Accountability Feed
  • Positive Psychology Exercises
  • Private Quarterly Momentum Calls with a Personalized Action Plan for your personal AND business goals
  • 50% Discount on From Clutter To Calm & ALL Mini-courses
  • Full Access to the Self-Care Resources Library
  • Health Retreats (Coming very soon!)
  • Offer your knowledge, events, workshops, services to the free HHA community
  • Get a Featured Members Article all about you and your projects
  • Be a guest on the Healthy High Achievers Podcast
  • Create & lead your own group within the community
  • Get featured in our monthly newsletter
  • Host a free webinar for our members & get more clients/collaborations
  • Join our monthly networking calls
  • PREMIUM Book Club with topics like entrepreneurship, personal & professional growth, healthy lifestyle
  • Organize HHA Networking Events online (or in your area)
  • Member Chat Groups & Online Co-Working Rooms
  • Post Collaboration Requests or Opportunities
  • Connect with the right people: find people per location or business field, and connect with DMs

These are the types of people who join us

  • Online entrepreneurs who work hard on their business but feel like they're going at it alone
  • Project leaders who struggle to relax and switch off their busy mind
  • Multipotentialites who have so many interests that they want to fill up their free time with new hobbies, online studies, books and podcasts
  • Stressed-out employees who somehow manage to not burn out completely, but know they need to find a better way

Get REAL Results In Your First Month

Here's an overview of what your first 3 months would look like:

Step 1 - Join (and leave) anytime you want

Join for only a month, or go all-in for a year at a discounted price

Step 2 - Book your 1-hour private deep dive session

Together we create your Personalized Action Plan (with a 5-year business roadmap)

Step 3 - Connect with other entrepreneurs

Join our networking calls, share your struggles and celebrate your progress

Step 4 - Create a weekly moment of self-care

Use the weekly self-care resources to relax and unwind

Step 5 - Evaluate your first month and plan the next one

Learn from your successes and setbacks to plan your next move

Step 6 - Book your first Quarterly Momentum Call

Tweak your action plan and get coached around your blind spots

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You are ready to develop health routines, expand your network, and grow BIGGER as a person and entrepreneur

Your investment is 47 USD / month

or 517 USD / year (and get 1 month for free)

REAL value: 1,035 USD per year

*Special PROMO*

Join for 1 year and get FREE access to ALL mini-courses!
(Give Your Brain A Break + The Empty Schedule)


See what our PREMIUM members have to say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I wanted more clarity around my business ideas and feel more calm in my busy life. Through the sessions and weekly exercises, I was able to become more aware of the way I handle things and finally find my focus."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I wanted to declutter and get a better overview of my life. I used to overthink a lot. I gained clarity and now it's easier to listen to my intention. I feel ready to finally start writing my book!"


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I learned to not put so much pressure on myself while still getting everything done. I love my new routine and I am very aware of my body. Healthy High Achievers completely changed my way of thinking."


You're thinking "Maybe later..."?

... Will ‘later’ ever happen, though? The time to start breaking down your busy life before YOU break down is now. ‘after finishing this project’ or ‘after moving houses and finding more stability' will not bring you the health and happiness that you deserve right now. Life will never stop happening. Your business wants to grow and your body wants to feel healthy, not tomorrow, not next month, but right. Now. Ask yourself: "What will happen in a year if I keep managing my life and my business the way I am today?"

You’re not sure if you even NEED to join an online network?

You wouldn’t be reading this page if you didn’t feel you needed some kind of support to grow your audience while taking better care of yourself. I am sure you are very driven in life and you’ve tried many things already, but you haven't found a community this complete, this fun, and this inspiring as Healthy High Achievers. Join us for a month, and try to prove me wrong ;)

You’re doubting if it’s worth the investment?

Buying a book about changing habits or building a business would cost you only 10 bucks, so why invest in this membership? My answer to that is: show me your bookcase and tell me why you haven’t implemented everything you read yet. KNOWING is totally different to DOING. You can get overwhelmed by books, courses, podcasts and only make a couple of changes (that often don’t last). Also, people thrive in community. This membership includes very personal guidance + a community of very driven entrepreneurs so you can completely change your way of thinking in no time. And if it doesn't? Well, you can leave anytime you want.


How much time do I need to set apart for the self-care resources?

I will ask you to set apart 30 minutes per week to relax in your coziest corner of the house to work on yourself. Whether you call it 'me-time' or 'self-development hour', it's a moment for you to reflect on your habits, your goals and your progress. Every 3 months we will have an in-depth personal session of one hour to work on your personal action plan.

How do I know it's for me?

The membership is designed to really personalize your action plan and the healthy habits and routines you want to create for yourself. We have all kinds of people, and I'm sure you will create a very inspiring network. If you're not so sure, just contact me at to ask me anything. You are welcome to join just for one month and stop your membership anytime you feel like this is not working for you.

What can I expect after filling out my application form?

You’ll get a personal email from me with feedback on what you shared with me. I’ll include the payment information and a link to book your first Momentum Call with me. You'll also get the chance to book your podcast interview right away, or wait as long as you want. After your payment is in, you’ll get instant access to the platform and all the resources already posted in there.

What if I already have a great routine or I'm a business expert, but I still feel stuck?

This membership is perfect for health experts and seasoned entrepreneurs who are too busy to take care of themselves and feel like they need some fresh input on their journey as an online entrepreneur. We have marketing experts, doctors, healers, yoga teachers and psychotherapists joining the PREMIUM Membership, because listening to your own body and building your business all by yourself can be hard without external support and accountability.

When can I get started?

Anytime you want! Sometimes, I include time-sensitive promos for the early birds so make sure you check that out. This membership is flexible and you can join and leave (and take a break) whenever you want.

Does my location matter?

Not at all! Healthy High Achievers is a global platform with participants from Peru, Europe, the US, Australia, ... Anyone can join from anywhere in the world.

If you don't feel super comfortable in English, I recommend you take private sessions with me in either Dutch or Spanish. You can book a free call in my calendar to discuss the details.

How can I contact you with more questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you might have! Just email me at or PM me on Instagram @mayalombarts and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.  

Let's chat on Instagram!

Your investment is 47 USD / month

or 517 USD / year (and get 1 month for free)

*Special PROMO*

Join for 1 year and get FREE access to ALL mini-courses!
(Give Your Brain A Break + The Empty Schedule)