Astrology Coaching

As a Certified Astrologer of the MAYO School Of Astrology, I offer you a personal coaching session where we use your birth chart (a map of the sky the moment you were born) and oracle cards to guide our conversation into:

  • Understanding your psyche and the way you've been going about life
  • Creating personal strategies adapted to your birth chart to feel more healthy and calm
  • Get clarity on what you should be working on next as we look at the positions of the planets today and how this triggers different areas in your chart

Get clear on your personality, your personal struggles in life, and the right strategies to feel happy, healthy and calm!


“I did the astrology coaching with Maya as a little Christmas present for myself. The session began with an oracle spread which immediately got my attention and we talked about what every card could mean in my life right now. I really loved the way that she then explained my birth chart and checked in with how I was feeling about the different aspects. The info I got is very applied and understandable. I could immediately recognize myself in what she told me about my chart. Together we found some points that are more difficult for me and why that is so I can better understand my behavior and find a way to turn it into something better. Also future wise, she explained why some areas might get more difficult in the future and how I could handle it. I would really recommend this session!"

Fien Lanssens (Belgium)
PhD in Plant Biotechnology

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Schedule your session

Pick a date and time that works for you in my calendar

Step 2 - Get an email from me

You'll receive an email with Zoom link and payment information

Step 3 - Transfer your payment

Transfer your payment within 24 hours so I can confirm your booking

Step 4 - Tell me what you're looking for

Let me know what kind of answers or clarity you're looking for

Step 5 - I take 1 hour for preparation

I cleanse my space, pick your oracle cards, and analyze your birth chart

Step 6 - We'll do a 1-hour Astrology session

I'll coach you so we can find personal answers and specific action steps

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